Current projects

  • ANR Young Researcher Grant (ANR JCJC): Multimodal Transit for Accessibility and Sustainability (MuTAS).
  • I am co-leader “Artificial Intelligence for More Accessible Cities” (AI4MAC), funded by Hi!Paris (Center on Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Science, Business and Society), in collaboration with the National Institute of Research in Informatics (INRIA). 2023-24

Past projects

  • I was co-Leader of “Data-Driven Models of Multi-Modal Transit”, funded by the Franco-Bavarian University Cooperation Center (BayFrance), collaboration with TU-Munich, 2022-23
  • Pooling for Last Mile aims to develop algorithms for integrating carpooling systems into future public transit systems, in particular to serve First and Last Mile demand for transportation. Leaders: A. Araldo, A. de Palma (ENS Sacaly), V. Gauthier (TSP). Funded by Île de France Region. [2020-2021]
  • Ride Sharing for Transit aims to make vehicle routing algorithms aware if the transit schedules and able to adapt to them in order to improve urban mobility, in particular in suburban areas. The project is funded by Institut Inter-Carnot. Leaders: A. Araldo, D. Feillet (Mines St-Étienne), V. Gauthier (TSP) [2020-2021]
  • Tripod, ARPA-e project: A a system to incentivize travelers to pursue specific routes, modes of travel, departure times, ride sharing, trip making, and driving styles in order to reduce energy use.
  • mPlane, European FP7 project: An Intelligent Measurement Plane for Future Network and Application Management
  • Ofelia, European FP7 project: Open Flow in Europe: Linking Infrastructure and Applications