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“Weaving a Semantic Web Across OSS Repositories: Unleashing a New Potential for Academia and Practice” published

A new paper of ours was just published. If you’re curious about all that Semantic Web and Linked Data hype and how it would impact forges and other software development tools, and the link with Open Source development platforms, then, … Continue reading

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First draft of Helios_bt bug ontology : request for comment

We’ve been working on modeling bug reports properties for quite a long time, but never managed to stabilize an ontology specification. Better late than never, here’s our first proposed draft and our request for comments : More details in the … Continue reading

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First webcast of a demonstrator of our bug ontology’s use

We have setup, as part of our work in Helios, a very early demonstrator of a database of RDF facts about bugs in several distributions (currently Debian and Mandriva), in order to try and validate the Ontology describing bugs that … Continue reading

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Convert OWLDoc generated HTML documentation of an ontology to single HTML file

For the needs of the Helios project, I’ve written a script which uses htmldoc to convert the multi-framed HTML documentation as generated by Protege’s OWLDoc plugin to a single HTML document. Example : the Helios_BT ontology documentation generated by OWLDoc, … Continue reading

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