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Is GForge really GForge ? clarification needed

Gforge 4.5 is the FLOSS version of GForge, that most of us can download, install, for instance as Debian packages. But for some users looking for “the” latest, most up-to-date GForge, there’s a risk to go test (and buy) a … Continue reading

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Adding GForge bugtracker support in bts-link

Part of our work in the Helios project will be on bugtrackers synchronisation. I happened to notice that bts-link‘s maintainer called for help, which triggered more interest in that tool. I’ve started working on bts-link to see how it works … Continue reading

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Report from LSM/RMLL 2008 on communautary development track

There’s probably much more to say than I’ll remember, but here’s an attempt at reporting from the excellent edition of RMLL/LSM which was held in Mont-de-Marsan (France) early july. I’ve been chairing one of the tracks, on Communautary development, where … Continue reading

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Codex liberated: here comes Codendi

Codex was the name of the forge developped by Xerox on the code base of SourceForge. Although Xerox once contributed parts as free software which ended-up in libre versions of the sourceforge codebase (in Savane or GForge, if I remember … Continue reading

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Forges et plus si affinités aux RMLL à Mont-de-Marsan en juillet

Du 1er au 5 juillet 2008, je coordonnerai un thème sur le “développement communautaire”, dans lequel j’escompte bien qu’on parle de forges, entre autres choses. Merci d’avance pour vos propositions d’interventions. Voir déjà : un aperçu des thèmes pressentis. Plus … Continue reading

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Rencontre forgerons francophones au MEN suite à SL 2008

Suite à Solutions Linux, et à la première rencontre un peu informelle sur le stand de Bull, nous (participants à la liste forges@picolibre.int-evry.fr) avons pu nous réunir de façon plus posée et approfondie (sur une grosse matinée, et avec plus … Continue reading

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Forges @Solutions Linux 2008 : affluence… le sujet semble d’actualité

Cet après-midi, nous avions organisé une petite concentration de pas mal d’acteurs intéressés par le sujet des forges de développement logiciel, suite aux discussions qui ont eu lieu sur la liste hébergée sur picolibre. Le sujet des forges semble d’actualité … Continue reading

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Study on improvements to GForge, and implementation, made in the Morfeo project

The Morfeo project in Spain has produced a study report on the improvement of GForge, which compares GForge and other software forges. The document, in english Study of Improvements and New Functionalities for Gforge, is quite interesting to read. It … Continue reading

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Reactivating CoopX : Idea of a project towards interoperable software development hosting platforms

CoopX … that name doesn’t remind you of anything ? … Well, it’s the name of an old project, started in 2001, whose goal was to try and gather people working on different software development hosting platforms in order to … Continue reading

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