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Short bio

Since 2002, I'm a Research Engineer at Institut Mines-Telecom, at the INF department of Telecom SudParis, based on our Évry campus (Paris area, France).

At Télécom SudParis, I'm now teaching Computer Science (software engineering, web apps development, …), and experimenting with computer-supported learning environments (virtual labs).

I'm also active in the local branch of the CGT union, representing our colleagues in the "CHSCT".

In the past, I've been doing some research in the field of Free/Libre/Open Source software (FLOSS) in general, and more specifically on the software development process and tools used in FLOSS communities. I've been interested in many other inter-disciplinary aspects of the FLOSS ecosystem for many years.

I have been contributing to projects like FusionForge or Debian, in order to try and foster interoperability solutions and standardization.

In recent years, I participated to European and French R&D projects studying or contributing to FLOSS (CALIBRE, HELIOS, COCLICO).

Previously, after graduating from Grenoble University (France), I have worked for several years in IT Service Companies as a software developer, and as a Libre Software expert.

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Instead of these barely maintained pages, the most authoritative source of information about me is my professional weblog.



I may be reached by email at <olivier.berger@telecom-sudparis.eu> ( former addresses were <olivier.berger@it-sudparis.eu>, <olivier.berger@int-edu.eu> and <olivier.berger@int-evry.fr> )

To contact me in a confidential way, please use my OpenPGP key.


See also http://www.olivierberger.org/ to find other means of contact.


See research activities for details of my professional activities.


See publications for a list of papers.

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