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Iraq (IQ) - IP address allocations

Data from RIPE NCC website as of: Tue Apr 10 2018

iq.00964tornet Tornet General Trading and Communication Services LLC 20150513 ALLOCATED PA
iq.7netlayers Seven Net Layers for General Trading & Information Technology LTD. 20100331 ALLOCATED PA
iq.abrajtelecom Abbas Jawad Kadhim Al-Tameemi 20180306 ALLOCATED PA 20180316 2a0a:ed80::/29
iq.afnan Afnan Al-Harith LTD 20150810 ALLOCATED PA Midya Telecom for telecommunications-LTD 20120518 ALLOCATED PA Al-ABAAD Al-RAQAMIYA COMPANY For Communications, Computer Services and Information technology - Ltd 20170803 ALLOCATED PA 20170803 2a0b:b040::/29 Al-Jazeera Al-Arabiya Company for Communication and Internet LTD 20120201 ALLOCATED PA 20120611 ALLOCATED PA 20120611 ALLOCATED PA 20120611 ALLOCATED PA 20140903 ALLOCATED PA 20130813 2a00:c9e0::/32 AL-SARD FIBER Co. for Internet Fiber and Optical Cable Services /Ltd. 20100525 ALLOCATED PA 20101115 ALLOCATED PA 20130424 2a04:2dc0::/29 Al-Taif For Technical Solutions Co. LTD. 20171025 ALLOCATED PA 20171025 2a0c:d600::/29
iq.almarajiraq1 AL-MARAJ AL-ALAMIYA Co 20151023 ALLOCATED PA 20160108 ALLOCATED PA
iq.almisk Al-MISK Company For Information Technology and Software LTD 20180306 ALLOCATED PA
iq.alsard-co AL SARD TRADING AGENCIES CO. LIMITED 20111219 ALLOCATED PA 20120316 ALLOCATED PA 20130315 ALLOCATED PA 20130315 2a04:1160::/31
iq.asl-aliraq Asl Al-Iraq General Communication LLC 20150224 ALLOCATED PA 20150223 2a05:d640::/29
iq.assertech Asser Al-Technologia Information Technology Company Limited 20150911 ALLOCATED PA 20171206 2a0d:7d00::/29
iq.aswar Aswar Al-Karam for General trading and Communications Projects Ltd 20180302 ALLOCATED PA
iq.aui-s The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani 20100908 ALLOCATED PA 20151208 2a06:d980::/29
iq.biladalrafidain Bilad Al-Rafidain Company for Informatics and Communications Services Ltd 20110111 ALLOCATED PA 20121126 2a03:6dc0::/32
iq.bitbyteiq Bit Byte Communications Co. Ltd 20151103 ALLOCATED PA 20160118 2a06:ee80::/29
iq.bp-iraq-nv BP Iraq NV 20150206 ALLOCATED PA 20150206 2a05:bd80::/29
iq.cdn Computer Data Networks limited 20110118 ALLOCATED PA
iq.cellnet CellNet ltd 20090707 ALLOCATED PA 20160628 ALLOCATED PA City Telecom Co. LTD. 20120615 ALLOCATED PA
iq.datanet-telecom Data Net Company for Communications Limited 20130228 ALLOCATED PA 20130219 2a00:4360::/32
iq.decbs Domain Earth for Communication and Banking Solutions with Limited Liability 20150921 ALLOCATED PA
iq.digitamia Digitamia CO. FOR Telecommunication Technologies and Services (PLLC) 20160125 ALLOCATED PA
iq.dlt Delta communication services Limited 20121203 ALLOCATED PA 20121123 2a03:6ac0::/32
iq.earthlink EarthLink Ltd. Communications&Internet Services 20100309 ALLOCATED PA 20110822 ALLOCATED PA 20120413 ALLOCATED PA 20150922 ALLOCATED PA 20121107 2a03:4b40::/29
iq.elsuhdnet Elsuhd Net Ltd. Company for Communications and Computer Services 20110520 ALLOCATED PA 20140519 ALLOCATED PA 20140516 2a02:5ee0::/32
iq.erbil Erbil International Aiport 20150918 ALLOCATED PA 20150918 2a06:9100::/29
iq.ethraa Alathrae Company for Information Technology Limited 20170310 ALLOCATED PA 20180403 2a0c:3440::/29
iq.exabyt EXABYT for Communication & General Trading /Ltd 19990628 ALLOCATED PA 20150624 ALLOCATED PA
iq.fancy Fancy Net Company Ltd 20170130 ALLOCATED PA 20170130 2a0b:ad80::/29
iq.fastiraq FastIraq, LLC 20110211 ALLOCATED PA 20140401 ALLOCATED PA 20110221 2a00:dd00::/32
iq.future-waves Future Waves LLC 20131030 ALLOCATED PA 20131030 2a01:4860::/32
iq.futureisp Adhwaa Al Mustqabal For Computers, General Trading and Contracting Ltd. 20151016 ALLOCATED PA
iq.gccit Al Lawn Al Akhdar International Company for Communications and Information Technology Ltd. 20051129 ALLOCATED PA 20110830 ALLOCATED PA 20130117 ALLOCATED PA 20130111 2a03:c340::/32
iq.giganetiraq Nawafeth Al-hadhara for Internet and Information Systems Co.,Ltd 20160120 ALLOCATED PA 20170509 2a0a:d8c0::/29
iq.giganineveh Giga Nineveh for internet services Ltd 20170512 ALLOCATED PA
iq.goldenskylinks Golden Sky Links Company For Internet & Communication Ltd 20141030 ALLOCATED PA 20141030 2a05:50c0::/29
iq.gorannet Goran Net ISP Ltd. 20090424 ALLOCATED PA 20180102 ALLOCATED PA 20131125 2a01:58a0::/32
iq.gsfast G.S. Fast Net Company for Communication Ltd. 20131024 ALLOCATED PA 20131023 2a04:7740::/29
iq.halasat-ltd Hala Al Rafidain Company for Communications and Internet LTD. 20120621 ALLOCATED PA 20170509 2a0a:d940::/29
iq.hayat Hayat for Internet & communication LLC 20111205 ALLOCATED PA 20151130 ALLOCATED PA 20180306 2a0d:d680::/29
iq.hdth-iq Al-Hadetha for software and Automation Ltd 20141204 ALLOCATED PA 20141204 2a05:7a00::/29
iq.horizon-scope Horizon Scope Mobile Telecom WLL 19970415 ALLOCATED PA 20130307 ALLOCATED PA 20160211 ALLOCATED PA 20161229 2a0b:1880::/29
iq.hrins Hilal Al-Rafidain for Computer and Internet Services Co., Ltd. 20120426 ALLOCATED PA 20140326 ALLOCATED PA 20131211 2a01:6720::/32
iq.hulumtele Hulum Almustakbal Company for Communication Engineering and Services Ltd 20160301 ALLOCATED PA
iq.idbbank International Development Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance (P.S.C) 20140213 ALLOCATED PA 20140206 2a04:ad00::/29
iq.inet iNet LLC 20160629 ALLOCATED PA 20160629 2a07:a800::/29
iq.infozone Information Zone Company For Internet & Computer Services - Ltd. Co. 20120328 ALLOCATED PA
iq.iraqcell Iraq Cell Limited 20170602 ALLOCATED PA
iq.iraqe-gate Iraq Electronic Gate for Financial Services Co. Ltd 20170811 ALLOCATED PA
iq.iraqincmc Communications and Media Commission (CMC) 20050615 ALLOCATED PA 20120524 2a01:43c0::/32
iq.iraqisky IraqSky Communications and Internet Limited Liability Company 20161202 ALLOCATED PA
iq.iraqstc IRAQ SMART TECHS LLC 20050104 ALLOCATED PA 20130815 ALLOCATED PA 20130812 2a00:c860::/32
iq.ispsgroups Provider for General Trading and Internet Services, LLC 20161208 ALLOCATED PA 20171123 2a0c:df00::/29
iq.kalimat Trade Link Logistics General Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L., L.L.C. 20180223 ALLOCATED PA 20180223 2a0d:ad80::/29
iq.kits KITS Company for Communication Services Ltd 20170106 ALLOCATED PA
iq.knpit-2015 Knowledge Path for Information Technology and General Trading Ltd 20150922 ALLOCATED PA
iq.korektelecom Korek Telecom Company for Communications LLC 20150115 ALLOCATED PA 20150115 2a03:7020::/32
iq.kurdistan Kurdistan Net Company for Computer and Internet Ltd. 19980925 ALLOCATED PA 20120313 ALLOCATED PA 20160201 ALLOCATED PA 20160201 2a06:fd80::/29
iq.livelink Live Link Internet Service Provider PVT LTD. 20160823 ALLOCATED PA
iq.matrix ALMASFOFA for Communication & Internet LTD 20140422 ALLOCATED PA 20140416 2a02:43a0::/32
iq.maxlink-iq Max Link Company for Internet Services and ADvanced Solutions Ltd 20180104 ALLOCATED PA
iq.medya Medya Net LLC 20160202 ALLOCATED PA 20160202 2a06:ff80::/29
iq.moc SCIS 20070725 ALLOCATED PA 20140331 ALLOCATED PA 20101022 2a02:2700::/32
iq.mustafa Zana Mohammed Mahdi A.Rahman company for Internet Service Provider LTD 20170912 ALLOCATED PA 20170912 2a0b:f640::/29
iq.najim Najim Al Iraq Ltd 20170113 ALLOCATED PA 20170113 2a0b:5d80::/29
iq.nass Nass Al Iraq Company for General Trading and Technical Solution and Training Ltd 20150612 ALLOCATED PA 20150703 2a06:4200::/29
iq.nawand Nawand Telecom Ltd./private company 20111028 ALLOCATED PA
iq.netgate-iraq Netgate Telecom and Information Technology Ltd, 20151207 ALLOCATED PA 20151207 2a06:d7c0::/29
iq.networks IQ Networks 20051129 ALLOCATED PA 20071129 ALLOCATED PA 20150304 ALLOCATED PA 20100422 2a02:b60::/32
iq.newroz Newroz Telecom Ltd. 20080516 ALLOCATED PA 20090206 ALLOCATED PA 20091207 ALLOCATED PA 20111026 ALLOCATED PA 20140114 2a04:a040::/29
iq.nextnet Next Net for Internet and IT Services LTD 20150413 ALLOCATED PA
iq.nic-iraq National Investment Commission 20140428 ALLOCATED PA 20140428 2a02:4d60::/32
iq.nooral-qamar Noor Al-Qamar Co. For Internet Ltd. 20151124 ALLOCATED PA 20151210 2a03:9f60::/32
iq.northbank North Bank Company For Finance & Investment 20141006 ALLOCATED PA 20141006 2a03:3ee0::/32
iq.nx Layth Zuhair Zahid 20160229 ALLOCATED PA 20160229 2a07:2000::/29
iq.omnnea Taif Al Omnnea for the Distribution of Communication equipments Ltd 20131009 ALLOCATED PA 20130828 2a00:d620::/32
iq.onlineco Online Company Ltd 20160901 ALLOCATED PA 20160901 2a0a:6a00::/29
iq.orient Orient Company for Internet Services LTD 20150811 ALLOCATED PA
iq.paik "PAIK" Company for Communication and General Trade Importation& Exportation Limited 20131014 ALLOCATED PA 20131011 2a00:f7a0::/32
iq.pureline Pure Line Co. For Telecommunications & Internet Ltd. 20120716 ALLOCATED PA 20160609 ALLOCATED PA
iq.qematalwasat Qemat Al-Wasat Company 20140422 ALLOCATED PA 20140417 2a04:d100::/29
iq.regional-telecom Regional Telecom Company for Communications Ltd. 20121107 ALLOCATED PA 20121105 2a03:47c0::/29
iq.reytelecom Rey Telecom Company, for Telecommunication, LTD 20130827 ALLOCATED PA 20130826 2a04:5e00::/29
iq.sahel Sahel Net ISP 20180403 ALLOCATED PA
iq.samamadinaty Sama Madeniti for Communication & Internet Ltd. 20140804 ALLOCATED PA 20140804 2a05:4c0::/29
iq.sawadland SAWAD LAND for Information Technology Ltd 20170814 ALLOCATED PA 20170814 2a0b:c640::/29
iq.scopesky ScopeSky Communication and Internet Ltd. 20050104 ALLOCATED PA 20100212 ALLOCATED PA 20120816 ALLOCATED PA 20141105 ALLOCATED PA 20141104 2a05:55c0::/29
iq.sgiq SatGate Company for Trading of Computers Systems and Communications Appliances WLL 20120502 ALLOCATED PA 20170306 2a0a:3240::/32 sky-orbit telecommunication company 20170109 ALLOCATED PA
iq.smartwaves Smart Waves for Information Technology Ltd 20150213 ALLOCATED PA 20150213 2a03:7d60::/32
iq.speedway Speedway Company for Internet service Ltd. 20120201 ALLOCATED PA 20130604 ALLOCATED PA 20120201 2a00:8ac0::/32 20130603 2a04:3c40::/29
iq.steps Steps Telecom For Internet Ltd. 20170601 ALLOCATED PA 20170821 2a0b:d3c0::/32
iq.stormnetowrks Storm Networks for internet service provider Ltd. 20161013 ALLOCATED PA
iq.sufyan Dijlat Al-Khair for communications and internet Ltd 20150428 ALLOCATED PA 20150622 2a04:7800::/29
iq.tarinnet Tarin General Trading and Setting Up Internet Device LTD 20110307 ALLOCATED PA 20110927 ALLOCATED PA 20130108 ALLOCATED PA 20150527 ALLOCATED PA 20130108 2a03:bcc0::/32
iq.technofast Techno Fast Company for General Contracting and Trading Ltd. 20171106 ALLOCATED PA
iq.telhigh Tel High Telecom Communications Co.Ltd. 20120907 ALLOCATED PA
iq.tigrisnet TigrisNet 20060418 ALLOCATED PA 20080306 ALLOCATED PA 20100316 ALLOCATED PA 20130522 2a00:8b20::/32
iq.timenet Time-Net Private Company for Internet and Wireless Services Ltd. 20131211 ALLOCATED PA 20131209 2a04:9100::/29
iq.tishknet-iq TISHK NET Company for WIMAX technology and Internet Service Limited 20150310 ALLOCATED PA 20150309 2a05:e500::/29
iq.widetelecom FastLine For Communication And Information Technology Ltd 20120426 ALLOCATED PA 20140506 ALLOCATED PA 20140312 2a01:aa20::/32
iq.zainiq Al Atheer Telecommunication-Iraq Co. Ltd. Incorporated in Cayman Islands 20120814 ALLOCATED PA
iq.zarkanet ZarkaNet 20050314 ALLOCATED PA 20151110 ALLOCATED PA 20151109 2a06:b880::/29