Patrick Horain

Associate Professor



Département EPH
9 rue Charles Fourier
91011 Évry Cedex – France





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C 304-00


I am currently with Telecom SudParis in the Multimedia interactions group (Intermedia).

My research interests include real-time 3D computer vision for multimedia applications and image processing. Within the CNRS research network on Information, Signal, Images & viSion (ISIS), I co-animate a special action on Face, gesture, action and behaviour.

My teaching activities include creating course units and lectures in image processing, computer vision, multimedia and interaction with virtual humans for graduate and post-graduate students at Telecom SudParis.


Urgent: I am recruiting a post-doctoral fellow or research engineer.

I'll chair the upcoming IHCI 2014 conference.


Lists of publications by type, by date or selected by topic.


Current projects:

ADN-TR: Real-time digital clones (FUI funded),
Juliette: Person visual perception for Human Robot Interaction (FEDER funded).

Some past projects:

MediaGPU: Massive multimedia GPU-based processing (ANR funded).
CompanionAble: Integrated Cognitive Assistive & Domotic Companion Robotic Systems for Ability & Security (European FP7 funded).
GpuCV: Open-source GPU-accelerated image processing and Computer Vision library,
MyBlog3D: To foster mutual perception between internet users who communicate and share objects within a 3D virtual space (ANR funded).
MatchSlide: Remote analysis of microscopy wide slide digital images (RNTS funded).
Telemondes: Interacting in a virtual world.
ARC LSF: Sign language recognition.
TIM: Multimedia course-ware on image processing...

Supervised Ph.D. students

Daniel Wesierski (2013),
Manoj Kumar Rajagopal (2012),
David Antonio Gómez Jáuregui (2011),
José Marques Soares (2004),
Hocine Ouhaddi (1999).


I received an Engineer Degree in Physics and Energetics and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG),  France, respectively in 1982 and 1984. I prepared my Ph.D. dissertation at Laboratoire d'Electronique de Technologies et d'Instrumentation (Léti). In 1986, I joined Telecom ParisTech (former ENST) as an Assistant and then as an Associate Professor. In 1995, I joined Telecom SudParis (former Telecom INT). In 2008, I was a visiting scientist at INRIA / MIRAGES.

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