Tutoriel invité / Invited Tutorial

Why Gesture?

Matthew Turk

University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA.


There has been a significant volume of research on vision based gesture recognition in the past decade, and most papers on the subject begin with a brief explanation of why this is an important subject. Rarely, if ever, are these explanations convincing. Is there a compelling argument to be made that vision based gesture recognition is needed and useful beyond a limited number of niche applications? Or is this largely a community of researchers just looking to develop technology, regardless of it eventual utility? In this talk I will opine about the importance (or lack thereof) of gesture recognition and discuss relevant technical issues and obstacles in current gesture acquisition research.

Slides : PDF, 2791 kbytes.

Actes électroniques de l'atelier Acquisition du geste humain par vision artificielle et applications, Toulouse, 27 janvier 2004, http://www-eph.int-evry.fr/~horain/AtelierGeste.