}Hakima CHAOUCHI, Prof. Dr.

Address : Telecom Sud Paris

9 rue Charles Fourier

91011 Evry

email : hakima.chaouchi@telecom-sudparis.eu

Web : http://www.chaouchi.eu

LinkedIn :https://fr.linkedin.com/in/hakima-chaouchi-900a173





Short Bio

Hakima Chaouchi was associate professor from 2005 until 2011 following the completion of her PhD in 2004 from University of Paris VI in France and King’s College of London in the UK, and then obtained a Full Professor position at Telecom Sud Paris,  Institut Mines Telecom since 2011. In this capacity, she develops leading research in wireless and mobile communication, Internet of Things, and network security. Hakima was also appointed to manage the European EIT Digital Doctoral Training Centre in Paris (DTC), which provides innovation support at the doctoral level in a strong connection to the industry. Concurrent with these positions, she was enrolled in the International Executive MBA “Leading Innovation in the Digital World” at Telecom Business School where she also acquired strong competencies in the field of strategic innovation and entrepreneurship in ICT.

In her role as researcher for the last ten years, she leads a team devoted to the study of the emerging wireless technologies and their potential synergies, the analysis of every Internet of Things technology and the design of the most appropriate architecture and protocols for the vertical IoT application such as Industry 4.0, health and wellbeing, smart cities…etc. Hakima contributes to various research projects with consortiums of French, European and international experts.  To date, she has co-published more than 100 international refereed scientific papers and books, most notably the book “Internet of Things” in 2010.

Among her activities in the Paris Doctoral Training Centre (DTC), she is strongly involved in the implementation of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Labs’ vision of building leadership in innovation by research in Europe. The DTC connects industrials, researchers and business developers in France and abroad. To date this includes major players on the advisory board such as Orange, Thales, Alcatel Lucent, EDF and others.  

Hakima’s career aspiration is to combine, and maximize to the fullest, synergies in research and creativity to further advance innovation. Considered by her collaborators and friends as a “citizen of the world” she embodies the quote from Steve Jobs “People who are crazy enough thinking they can change the world are the ones who do”.



}  Since 2015 European AIOTI Alliance active member, European Commission

}  2014-2016 European EIT Digital Doctoral Training Centre Manager

}  Since 2011  Full Professor at Telecom Sud Paris, Institut Mines Telecom (Permanent Position)

}  2005-2011  Associate Professor at Telecom Sud Paris (Permanent position)

}  Since 2002  Visiting researcher at Centre for Telecommunication research, King’s College London, UK

}  Jul/Aou  2008  Invited researcher, à Columbia University, Princeton et Rutgers University, USA

}  Apr 2008      Invited researcher, IIT Kampur, India

}  May 2007     Invited researcher, Nanyang Technical University, NTUA  Singapore

}  Since 2004    Industrial technology consultant and adviser at Orsys, La Defense area, Paris

}  2004-2005   Post doc at Centre for Telecommunication Research, King’s College of London

}  2001-2004   PhD candidate at University of Paris VI , Paris, France

}  2002-2005   Visiting Researcher at King’s College of London, UK

}  Since 2001 IEEE member,  IEEE Women in Engineering member

Honours and Awards

}  2016  eMBA final project Defense with high Honors, Telecom Business School

}  2011 French National Full Professor Qualification (French national Accreditation mandatory to apply for a full professor tenure track position)

}  2010  Computer Science  « Habilitation à diriger les recherche » HDR Defence with High Honours, University of Orsay, France

}  2005  French National Associate Professor Qualification (French national Accreditation mandatory to apply for an associate professor tenure track position)

}  2004  Computer Science Philosophy Doctor PhD Defense with Honors, University of Paris IV and King’s College of London

}  2001  Three years French Ministry PhD Merit Grant



}  2016 eMBA Leading Innovation in Digital World, Telecom Business School, Paris France

Apr 2016  “Design Thinking week certificate”, Stanford university, USA

2010 (Highest French Academic Degree Mandatory for Full Professor Tenure Track application)



HDR Thesis (Highest French Academic Degree Mandatory for Full Professor Tenure Track application)

}  Dec 2010 HABILITATION A DIRIGER LES RECHERCHES- HDR, University of Orsay, France

}  HDR Thesis Title : On IP Model defying wireless, mobility, heterogeneity and ubiquity

}  Defence Honors : High Honors

}  Defended on 13 Décembre 2011

}  Jury Members :

}  Reviewer Georg Carle, Professeur, Université Munich TUM, Germany

}  Reviewer Christian Bonnet, Professeur, Eurescom Nice, France

}  Reviewer Jozef Wozniak, Université de Gdansk, Poland

}  Examiner Vania Conan, Directeur de recherche, Thales Group, France

}  Examiner Khaldoun Al Agha, Professeur, Université Paris XI, France

}  Président Hikmet Sari, Professeur SUPELEC Gif-sur Yvette, France

PhD Thesis

}  PhD Thesis Title :Universal Mobility Control in Wireless and Mobile networks

}  Defence Honors : High Honors

}  Defended on : Oct 2004

}  Jury members :

}  President : M. Hamid Aghvami (IEEE Fellow, Professor at King’s College of London, UK

}  Reviewer : M. Mairtin Od’Roma (Professor à l’Université de Limerick, Irland)

}  Reviewer : M. Hossam Affifi (Professor à l’INT d’Evry, France)

}  Examiner: M. Charles E.Perkins (Research Director R&D at Nokia, Californie, USA)

}  Examiner: M. George Pavlou (Professor at University of Surrey, UK)

}  PhD Director: M. Guy Pujolle (professor at university of Paris VI, France)

eMBA Thesis

Title: On technology Transfer of a new Internet of Things modular approach for strategic innovation in the luxury personal items industry

Defended : June 2016

Jury: Venture capital members


Recent Invited Talks

}  IEEE Cloud Internet of Things CIoT 2016 :  Keynote talk on “Internet of Things technologies and architecture: the big picture”, Nov 2016, Paris

}  EAI Security and Safety Conference Saseiot 16 : Keynote talk on “Internet of Things security, safety and Privacy”, Oct 2016 Paris

Teaching Experience

}  Since 2005 English and French teaching classes, MsC, BEng, MEng, MD classes, Industrial R&D and BU employees

}  Since 2005 Different teaching content ( Networking basic concepts, TCP/IP, Network security, Wireless and Mobile networks, ad hoc networking, Internet of Things, Radio Frequency identification, Logistics and item inventory tracking systems, Energy harvesting and emerging autonomous battery less devices, Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things operating Systems, Cloud computing architectures, Internet of Things Protocols, Internet of Things technologies for health and well being, Industry 4.0 and automation, embedded systems, Authentication and authorization protocols, Big Data and Machine Learning, …)

}  Since 2005 New courses creation and teaching content innovation

}  Since 2005  Average teaching hours is 120h/year

}  Since 2005  Average program and courses coordination hours is 150h/year

}  Since 2005  Student coaching and supervision

}  Sept 2015   MOOC content creation on Internet of Things basic concepts

}  2014-2016  European Program Coordinator and teaching Technology based innovation and entrepreneurship education program for young researchers, at European EIT Digital

}  2005-2011 Program Coordinator and teaching of  Network Security Module (a Module is 3 months time and about 40 hours teaching), at Telecom Sud Paris

}  2011-2016 Program coordinator and teaching of Wireless and Mobile Networks Module, at Telecom Sud Paris

}  2011-2016 Program coordinator and teaching of Internet of Things technologies and architectures Module, at Telecom Sud Paris

}  Since 2013  Program Coordinator and teaching of Innovation and Entrepreneurship by research and technology transfer

}  Since 2012 Program coordinator and teaching  of “Research project” module, Master of Science program at University of Saclay, Telecom Sud Paris

}  2006-2007 Program Coordinator of Major track on System and Network Security, at Telecom Sud Paris

}  Since 2008 Program coordinator and teaching of industrial employees on new technologies, at Telecom Evolution, Telecom Sud Paris

}  2007-2010 Production of books for teaching and research

}  o     Internet of Things, connecting objects, ISTE/Willey 2010

}  o     Mobile and Wireless networks security, ISTE/Willey 2009

}  o     Réseaux sans fils émergents, Hermes 2008

}  o     Sécurité des réseaux sans fil et mobiles, Hermes 2007

}  2002-2005 Temporary teacher at Centre for Telecommunication Research, King’s College London

Research Supervision experience

}  2004-2006 :  Tara Ali Yahiya, PhD Defended in 2008, at Paris VI University

}  2006-2007 : Sampath Ranasinghe PhD Defended in 2008, at  King’s College, London

}  2007-2010 : Apostolia Papapostolou , PhD Defended in 2011, at Telecom Sud Paris

}  2008-2010 :  Zeynep Aydin Gurka, PhD  Defended in 2011at Istanbul University

}  2008-2011 : Sondes Larafa, PhD  Defended in 2011 at Telecom Sud Paris

}  2009-2012 : Oscar Botero, PhD Defended in 2012 at Telecom Sud Paris

}  2011-2014: Jacques Bou Abdou, PhD Defended in 2014 at University of Paris VI

}  2016-2019: Emine Laarouchi, PhD under supervision

}  2016-2019: Amal Baziz, PhD under supervision

}  2006-2007 : Post doc supervision : Pars Mutaf,

}  2008-2009 : Post doc supervision : Tara Ali Yahia,

}  2009-2010 : Post doc supervision Priyanka Rawat,

}  Since 2005  several Msc research project supervision

}  Since 2005: Severl Beng, MEng industrial projects supervisions

Research partnership experience

}  - National : Telecom Sud Paris, Telecom Bretagnes, Telecom Paris Tech, LABRI Bordeaux, IRIT Toulouse, University of Paris 6, University of ORSAY, INRIA, Orange, THALES, EURESCOM, ESCP Europe, University of Saclay, University of Nice, CEA, others.

}  - International : Kings College of London, CTTC Spain,  A-Star Singapore, Columbia USA, Berkeley USA, IIT Kampur India, University of Parana Brazil, TUM and Fokus in Germany, others.

Collaborative research projects experience

}  Since 2005 Different research project proposal submissions and coordination (French national calls ANR, European calls FP7, H2020, EUREKA, Celtic, COST)

}  2015-2017: EU Cost ACROSS project coordinator

}  2014-2016: EU FP7 Pristine Project, scientific memeber

}  2011-2012 : Track-IoT,  Innovation project at Institut Mines Telecom

}  2010-2014 : EU COST Initiative : WiNeMo (Wireless Networking of Moving Objects) (French Coordinator)

}  2006-2009 : French ANR 2006-2009 SARAH (Membre du consortium)

}  2006-2010 : French ANR SUN (Situated and Ubiquitous Networks (Coordonateur de Projet)

}  2007-2010 : French ANR MOBISEND

}  2007-2010: French ANR 3MING

Industrial Experience

}  Since 2004 Industrial consultancy on new technologies related to IP convergence, Cellular networks, IMS, Internet of Things, Innovation strategies

}  Since 2004 Industrial teaching on specific high technological topics

}  Since 2014 Innovation by research  and technology transfer

}  Since 2015 Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiatives connecting accademics startups, big groups, technology transfer and intellectual property issues

Professional Service

}  Teaching Duties

}  Since 2005 different administrative responsibilities (School representation at different national and international events, Students admission evaluation, students’ projects defense presidency, School final degree ceremony animator…etc)

}  Since 2005 different teaching coordination administrative duties (coordination of students and teachers, teachers and the local administration, exams and marks, …etc)


}  PhD evaluation duties

}  Examiner of French HDR thesis, University of Orsay, 2016

}  Examiner of HDR thesis , University of Paris VI, 2015

}  Reviewer of PhD thesis, INRIA Lille, 2016

}  Examiner of PhD…, University of Paris VI, 2016

}  Reviewer of PhD thesis, University of UTT, 2017

}  Examiner of PhD thesis.., IRIT Toulouse, 2017

}  Examiner of the PhD : Loïc Schmidt , Inria Lille, 2011

}  Examiner  of the PhD Ozgur  CAN TURNA, University of Paris VI

}  Reviewer of the PhD Zuzana Bizonova, Zilina University, Slovaquie 2008

}  Reviewer of the PhD D. Chatelain, Meraka Institute, Afrique du sud, 2007

}  Reviewer of the PhD F.McEvoy, University of Limerick, Irland, 2007

}  Several examination of mid-term PhD thesis

}  Recent International conferences responsabilities

}  EAI SASEIOT 2016 conference Chair, Paris

}  EAI SASEIOT 2015 conference Chair, Rome

}  Local Chair Adhocnets 2011

}  Publication Chair IFIP CNSM 2011

}  Session Chair ANT 2010

}  Workshop co-chair BWNCP 2009, collocated with IPCCC 2009

}  Special session Chair “Internet of Things: technical issues and challenges”, collocated with IFIP MWNC 2009

}  General Co-chair du 1er et 2eme Workshop international MWNS 2008, 2009 (IFIP Networking)

}  Special session Chair à IFIP WMNS 2009 “Internet of Thing’s: technical issues and Challenges”

}  Networking 2008: session Chair

}  Networking 2007: Session Chair

}  VTC 2007: Session Chair

}  Tutorial Chair MWNC 2005

}  others

}  Technical Program commitee membership

}  IEEE ICC 2015, 2016

}  IEEE Globecom 2015

}  IEEE PIMRC 2006,2009, 2011,

}  IEEE Globecom 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,

}  IEEE ICC 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,

}  IEEE LNC 2009, 2010,

}  IFIP NoF 2010,

}  IFIP Networking 2009,

}  IFIP MWNS 2008, 2009,

}   IFIP MWCN 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 

}  IFIP Net Con 2004, 2005, 2006,

}  ICT 2005

}  IEEE VTC 07, MMFI 2011,

}   RABAN 2011, InfoApp 2011, AICT 2012, R2I 2011, AFIN 2011, MEDES 2011, Autres.

}  others

}  International Journal Editorial duties

}  2016 : MDPI Journal of Sensors and Actuators Network JSAN: Guest editor with Special issue on “Security, Safety and Privacy in  Sensors and Actuator Networks”, 2017

}  2016 Willey/ISTE Journal Series Guest editor

}  2005-2008: Editorial member of the IEEE Surveys and Tutorials

}  Editorial member of the European Transaction on Telecommunication ETT

}  Reviewer in different Journals and confernces (Elsevier ComCom, ComNet, IEEE Surveys and Tutorias, IEEE Transaction in Wireless, Medical Engenering and Physics, Journal of Medical Systems, Security and Communication Networks, Journal of Networks and Computer Application, others)

}  Since 2015 European projects review activity

}  Standardisation activities

}  Future Internet Assembly, IoT-Initiative, IETF Internet of Things BOF, EIT-ICT Labs Digital Cities , IPSO

}  IEEE 802.21, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.16, 3GPP, Wimax Forum,

}  Research Forums and discussion groups

}  WWRF, ACForum

}  Participation to discussions in meetings or mailing lists, promotion and defence of new ideas and solutions

}  Internet Standardisation : IETF : Internet Engineering Task Force  (Mobile IP, RAP, Policy, Manet, NSIS, Security, IPv6,Autoconf,  …)

}  Other Research evaluation Duties

}  National comities for Associate Professors recruitment (IRIT University of Toulouse recruitment complain 2011, University of French Polynesia complain 2012)

}  Institut Mines Telecom Scientific board member, strategic plan of 2011-2015 on Internet of Things

}  Evaluator of local call for research projects (Future et Rupture program 2010, 2011 at Instut Mines Telecom)

}  Evaluator of national French project proposal  (French national research agency ANR 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (Program CSOG, program VERSO)

}  Evaluator at the international « RFID Award 2011 » organized by ESCP Europe

Recent  Publications

}  Giovanni Giambene, Van Anh Le, Thomas Bourgeau, Hakima Chaouchi “Soft frequency reuse schemes for heterogeneous LTE systems” IEEE Wireless  Transaction, 2016

}  MSP Fonseca, A Munaretto, C Mendes, H Chaouchi “A resource management framework for 802.11 wireless access networks” Wireless Networks 21 (6), 1891-1898, 2015

}  W Xiao, A Papapostolou, H Chaouchi, M Wei “Self-Organizing Map for Fingerprinting-Based Cooperative Localization in Dynamic Indoor Environments” Elsevier Unmanned Systems Journal 3 (03), 171-183, 2015

}  H Xiong, D Zhang, L Wang, H Chaouchi “EMC 3: Energy-efficient data transfer in mobile crowdsensing under full coverage constraint” IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 14 (7), 1355-1368, 2015

}  Hakima Chaouchi “Internet of Things, connecting objects”, Willey/ISTE book, 2010

Some OPNET/OMNET Projects

-          Optimized Hierarchical Host identity Protocol.

-          Efficient RFID-WiFi indoor Localisation

-          Heterogeneous WiFi-Wimax-LTE integration

-          Heterogeneous IoT efficient control

-          Mobile IPv6 for RFID tagged mobile devices

-          Optimized RFID readers positioning in a warehouse.

-          Others


}  Fluent French and English reading, writing and speaking

}  Involved in technology and strategic innovation and entrepreneurship empowering emerging countries (Africa, India)

}  Involved in Technology impact on future generations education working group

}  Involved in well being at work working group

}  Involved in Women in engineering and Women and leadership groups