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First webcast of a demonstrator of our bug ontology’s use

We have setup, as part of our work in Helios, a very early demonstrator of a database of RDF facts about bugs in several distributions (currently Debian and Mandriva), in order to try and validate the Ontology describing bugs that … Continue reading

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Triplification / RDF extraction for bugzillas and for Debian bugs

To summarize some ideas and try and promote the work we’ve done in the frame of Helios, we’ve submitted a short paper (PDF) to the triplification challenge. Alas, others had better projects, and we didn’t win, apparently. Still, we’ll continue … Continue reading

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First Bugzilla triplify prototype released to validate ontologies for RDF (Linked Data for bugs)

In the course of trying to propose Semantic Web ontologies that would suite the needs of the free software maintainers, in the frame of Helios, here’s another step. We’ve just released a first prototype of the use of triplify to … Continue reading

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Report from LSM/RMLL 2008 on communautary development track

There’s probably much more to say than I’ll remember, but here’s an attempt at reporting from the excellent edition of RMLL/LSM which was held in Mont-de-Marsan (France) early july. I’ve been chairing one of the tracks, on Communautary development, where … Continue reading

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