Picoforge succesfully installed on etch virtual machine in xen

It’s no surprise, but PicoForge can be installed on a Debian etch system running inside a xen domU.

This will allow me to hack on picoforge on my laptop, without breaking the system.

Picoforge requires lots of stuff installed and with particular versions of many packages, and may be kinda intrusive, using things like libpam-ldap, chroot accounts, etc.

I’m glad this works… now, let’s get back to real work 😉

One thought on “Picoforge succesfully installed on etch virtual machine in xen”

  1. Actually, I have experienced many crashes recently, which I suspect are linked to the quite outdated kernel provided in xen flavour in testing…

    I think I’ll test vserver instead, which is provided with 2.6.22.

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