We’ve been setting-up the codename HELIOS project, together with other partners (lead by Thales), which got funded recently, as part of the pôle de compétitivité System@tic (libre software thematics).

That means that our PFTCR team at Institut TELECOM will be able to do more research around infrastructure and process of production for libre software projects.

Among the things we’ll focus in particular in this 2 year project, is the topic of traceability between bugtrackers (WP3). This topic seems quite interesting to many people I’m talking to at the moment in libre software projects (as discussed recently at RMLL/LSM) : good ;)

I hope we’ll be able to help improve the current state of the art where lots of manual synchroniation is done in libre software (between upstream bugtrackers and distributions’ ones, for instance), and deliver useful tool to the communities.

We’ll keep you posted as the project moves on (scheduled kickstart september 2008).

For more details (in french), you may see the brochure (page 4) at System@tic’s site.