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Forges at Open World Forum 2008 in Paris, early december

There will be some interesting content (I hope) about forges at the forecoming Open World Forum, on the first days of december, in Paris. Besides the higher education track I already blogged about, the Qualipso project organizes its second conference during the forum.

There should be some presentation of the first results of the Qualipso forge, so I’m expecting interesting things to be shown and fruitfull discussions.

The OSOR project will be around also, and some participants of our french community of forgerons, and contributors to the planetforge aggregator.

Looking forward to meet you there.

Posted mer. 19 nov. 2008 14:37:59 CET
Track on Open Source higher education at Open World Forum 2008 (2008/12/01)

I’ve just noticed (thansk Roberto) a Call for Participation for the Track on Higher Education which will happen at the Open World Forum 2008 in a few days, entitled “Towards a Free and Open Source Curriculum for IT students”.

It will be held on December 1st, 2008, in Paris, France, and you’ll find more details here.

Posted mer. 19 nov. 2008 10:17:47 CET
CAS client libs need love in Debian : several pending RFS

We have made some progress towards more CAS-ified applications installable in Debian, and now have several RFS pending :

  • libauthcas-perl : Client library for CAS 2.0 / AuthCAS Perl module
  • libcas-php : CAS client library for PHP / phpCAS PHP library

So if you’re a Debian Developer and wish to help improve CAS support in Debian, please sponsor these packages.

Posted lun. 17 nov. 2008 18:01:45 CET
Adding GForge bugtracker support in bts-link

Part of our work in the Helios project will be on bugtrackers synchronisation.

I happened to notice that bts-link’s maintainer called for help, which triggered more interest in that tool.

I’ve started working on bts-link to see how it works (cool, it’s Python ;) and if it can be useful for Helios, and started implementing GForge tracker support in bts-link. That should help keep track of Debian bugs wrt upstream bugs for projects hosted in GForge forges (like Sympa, for instance, whose bugtracker is hosted in SourceSup).

You may find my git repo at http://www-public.it-sudparis.eu/~berger_o/git/bts-link.git which hopefull contains my proposed changes (I’m new to git, so I hope I did everything right…).

Posted lun. 03 nov. 2008 11:51:29 CET
HELIOS project has its domain

We’re busy on the first tasks of the HELIOS project… nothing spectacular to announce publicly, so far.

Still, we have registered a domain for the project (http://www.helios-platform.org/ … which currently redirects to our internal workspace on a LibreSource forge), and there are minimal informations about the project available already here.

I hope we’ll have news to provide soon about the project progress. Keep tuned ;)

P.S.: we’re going to hire an engineer for HELIOS to work with us in Evry. If you want to work on a R&D project involving Free/Libre/Open Source software (bugtrackers infrastructure, etc.), don’t hesitate to get in touch… more detailed position offer to come in the future.

Posted jeu. 30 oct. 2008 19:11:25 CET